Thursday, May 29, 2008

Peaches birthday party!

Peaches had her first birthday on Monday. So, Carson used it as an excuse to get her friends together for yet another party. Peaches didn't think much of the party but loved her new toys and all of the doggie treats!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Carson's graduation

So, this was the big weekend for Carson and the class of 08. Saturday was the ceremony and reception. All the girls wear white dresses and the guys wear suits. Sunday was a lawn party for the class at her good friend Wynn's house. I didn't get too many good pictures from the ceremony. Too many people and the seating didn't give us a very good angle. Thank goodness Grandpa was there with his camera as well to help us document the day. The pics of the girls in the colored dresses were taken on Sunday at the lawn party.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Prom Pics! 2008

This past week was very busy. I had jury duty for 3 days and got serious butt fatigue. Carson had her last day of school on Friday and Saturday was the prom. Here are pics from just before the kids left. Carson and her girlfriends got ready for the dance at her friend Christine's house. Then all the moms and dads, and the boys arrived to take pictures. Lucas made it home this weekend and was their driver to the dance. The parents, grandparents and pugs hung out after they left and had a wonderful time with the Morrisons. Carson's date is Austin who goes to another high school here. She met him through the weekend art classes she has taken at our college. We think he looks like a really young Burt Bacharach!

Graduation is two weeks away. The time has gone by way too fast.