Monday, June 22, 2009

Peach at the Beach

Our annual week at Cape May Point was different this year. Peaches came with us and got her first look at the Atlantic. All in all it was a relaxing time. The weather could have been better but we still managed to find time in the sun and surf. I was relaxing too much and neglected to take as many photos as I usually do. Take a close look at the sunset photo of the ship wreck. There was a guy who swam out to it, climbed up to the top and dove off. The water was cold that night so he was pretty gutsy. Carson brought her CMU friends Alie and Christina. They are now official members of the family since they survived a week with us! Also, we logged many miles on the bikes after discovering a wonderful gourmet cheese shop. By the end of the week we were "preferred customers" yeah!

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