Monday, September 20, 2010

Unexpected visitor

After dinner Saturday night, Tracy and I worked in the yard and just before sundown I noticed a hot air balloon really low and coming our way. He looked like he was going to land in the field behind our house so I got on my bike to chase him down. It was great,  I could talk to them like they were close by even though they were 50 feet up. He said he was going to land soon but not in our fields. It was crazy because a whole bunch of cars were following them. There were senior couples with nothing better to do, young families with kids and they all pulled up our drive to watch them. Iris and Peachy went nuts with all of the people and Peachy especially liked barking at the balloon. They eventually landed on the top of the hill near the new playground. We didn't go up there but you could hear all of the kids yelling and dogs barking as they landed. 

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