Monday, May 16, 2011

Bob Potts Marathon

This past Sunday, Tracy and I ran the Bob Potts Marathon. It is in York, PA and the course is on the York County Rail Trail. The weather turned out to be just right, overcast and cool. Lucas had some buddies from the Merchant Marine Academy, members of the Endurance Club, come down to run too. Tracy managed to run the whole thing despite nursing an injured knee for the last month and not running all that time.

The night before we built a bonfire in hopes of appeasing the gods of running. 
Sunday morning we were up at 4 am for our pre race fruit. 
The two shots of Tracy and myself on the trail were taken from my iPhone while running somewhere around the 10 mile marker. 
The foggy shot is after crossing the finish line, four and a half hours after the 6:30 am start. The lens on the iPhone camera got a wee bit sweaty. 
The group shot was taken at Tracy's folk's place where they had a post-race bbq for us. The guys are Bernard (with his guide dog in training, Brooks), Landon, Brian, and Kevin, Merchant Marine Academy Midshipmen. 

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